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Notes for Penelope Jane AMBROSE

General Note
Penel Ambrose Hill writes:-

"I went to a Boarding School near Shrewsbury - but I really hated it. I was terribly homesick and cried all the time! In the end Dad let me come home to finish my schooling and I was much happier. Dad always thought that one day I would tell him that it had been for the best but I never could and it was the only thing we really disagreed on - in the end we accepted that we would never agree over it! The main school had been a beautiful country house owned by Abraham Derby who invented the puddling system - something to do with iron I think! The main hall had beautiful windows and woodpanelling and there was a huge staircase which parted and met again if you know what I mean and you could look down onto the hall from a sort of balcony thing. People used to come just to look at the tiles on the fireplaces - but it was all lost on me - all I was concerned about was the fact that everyone said it was haunted!! At first I was teased about being Welsh - but I did make one very good friend who I still keep in contact with now - apart from that it was a disaster!

After A levels I went to a college in London - I was ballet and dance mad and I had wanted to go to one that was just dance but Mum and Dad did not want me to - so in the end I went to a college of London University to do Teacher Training with Dance as my main subject but I was not a very good teacher so I became a 70's hippy drop out! I then did a secretarial course.

Rob was an articled clerk and the firm he worked for were Dads accountants, he was also big friends with my friends boyfriend. They tried to set me up with him but he wasn't interested! When he was working in Dads office I used to contrive to go there to swot for my A levels and in the end he gave in and went out with me! "

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