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Notes for Eleanor ARMER

Lived Note
Alternative Photo (Taken about 1850)

Marriage Note
John Pollard and Annie Armer were witnesses.

Photo of Church (Taken in 2003)

Lived Note
1871 Census: Alice Roulin aged 18 was living with the family as a Domestic Servant

Lived Note
According to the 1881 Census Annie Armer, sister in law, was living with the family. Mary E. Wilks aged 17 born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire was a domestic servant.

A visit was made on 18th January 2003 and the current homeowner checked the deeds to the property which did not show any Tattersall names.

Lived Note
The 1901 Census shows that Annie Armer (sister of Eleanor) also lived with them.

Death Note
No probate

Informant was: Alice Tattersall, Daughter present at death 8 Wellington Buildings, Bromley, London

Burial Note
The gravestone in Non-Conformist Section C Number 1353 states:

In loving memory of

James Tattersall

Died November 2nd 1904

Aged 71 years

Also Florence

Youngest daughter of the above

Died September 21st 1916

Aged 45 years

"Rest after weariness

sweet rest at last"

Also Eleanor, widow of the above

James Tattersall

Died May 6th 1921

Aged 83 years

Also Alice Tattersall

Eldest daughter of the above

Died April 1st 1942

Aged 79 years

Also Lizzie Armer

Daughter of the above

Died January 7th 1943

Aged 77 years

The headstone has been damaged and is in three pieces as at 20th January 2003.

Eleanor Tattersall bought the grave plot on 5th November 1904 and paid 6 12 Shillings.

If you have any information or connections to the above individuals, please let me know. Thank you.

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