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Husband: William SNELGROVE [See Notes]
Marriage:                 14 Oct 1777 Mary TILLY
                                      Bratton, Wiltshire

Wife: Mary TILLY [See Notes]
Marriage:                 14 Oct 1777 William SNELGROVE
                                      Bratton, Wiltshire

M  David SNELGROVE [See Notes]
Birth:                           1794 Bratton, Wiltshire
Baptism:                  12 Jan 1794 Bratton, Wiltshire
Marriage:                  9 Apr 1829 Eliza NASH
                                      Bratton, Wiltshire
Lived:                           1841 Eliza NASH
                                      Bratton, Wiltshire
Occupation:                      1851 Land Proprietor
Lived:                           1851 Eliza NASH
                                      Bratton, Wiltshire
Lived:                           1861 Scotts Farm, Bratton
Occupation:                      1861 Land Proprietor
Occupation:                      1866 Farmer
Occupation:                      1869 Farmer
Occupation:                      1871 Land Owner
Lived:                           1871 Bratton, Wiltshire
Death:                     5 Jul 1878 6 Park Street, Southwark, London
                                      Natural Decay

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