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Husband: William B ALLEN [See Notes]
Marriage:                        1901 Jane Madeline BRICKLAND
                                      poss Taihape, New Zealand
Occupation:                      1905 Farmer
Lived:                           1905 Jane Madeline BRICKLAND
                                      Tiriraukawa, Taihape, New Zealand
Probation of Will:        16 Jun 1958 Auckland, New Zealand
                                      Probate Number- BBAE 1570 1216/58
Death:                           1958

Wife: Jane Madeline BRICKLAND [See Notes]
Birth:                    12 Feb 1884 Little River, New Zealand
Education:            betw 25 Mar 1893 and 23 Oct 1896 Rolleston School, New Zealand
Marriage:                        1901 William B ALLEN
                                      poss Taihape, New Zealand
Lived:                           1905 William B ALLEN
                                      Tiriraukawa, Taihape, New Zealand
Death:                           1973
Probation of Will:        23 Feb 1973 Auckland, New Zealand
                                      Probate Number: BBAE 1570 0609/73

Father: Henry Charles BRICKLAND Mother: Helenne LEPROU
F  Constance M E ALLEN [See Notes]
Birth:                    10 Feb 1904
Education:                31 Aug 1916 Papakura Central, New Zealand
                                      Reg No: 1082

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