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Husband: Arthur Bennett TODD
Marriage:                        1939 Kathleen Rita TATTERSALL
Lived:                    30 Mar 1942 Kathleen Rita TATTERSALL
                                      6 Alcester Road, Gatley, Cheshire
                                      Photo (Taken in 2003)
Occupation:                  bef 1992 Office Manager
Death:                       bef 1992

Wife: Kathleen Rita TATTERSALL
Birth:                    19 Mar 1910 24 Beresford Road, Rusholme, South Manchester
                                      Birth Certificate
Lived:                           1938 61 Altringham Road, Gatley, Cheshire
                                      Photo (Taken in 2003)
Marriage:                        1939 Arthur Bennett TODD
Lived:                    30 Mar 1942 Arthur Bennett TODD
                                      6 Alcester Road, Gatley, Cheshire
                                      Photo (Taken in 2003)
Lived:                           1992 The Grange, 32 Woodside Grange Road, London N12
Death:                    10 Mar 1992 Barnet General Hospital, Barnet, London
                                      Death Certificate
Haemorrhage due to oesophageal erosion/inflamation and Bronchopneumonia

Father: James Edward TATTERSALL Mother: Gertrude Annie WEDGE
F  Rosemary TODD

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