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Updated website with latest data. Met with Vernon TATTERSALL a few weeks ago. Lots of new information now available.


Long time since I last updated website. Most recent research has been into the HOLMES line of the family. Much more data has been added since last update and I still have a considerable amount of new data to add. Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me with new information, especially Pauline Harris who very kindly sent me photos and letters (more still being emailed) of my ACKERMAN ancestors. Fascinating. I will add this new information in due course. Happy Christmas to everyone.


Major update of website. Moved to new host today as a temporary measure due to problem.


Major update of website with new lines of ARMER and CARTMAN added.


Still very busy with new house and hardly done any research on the family. A considerable amount of data is waiting to be entered. Recently managed to uncover new information on female children of George and Ann Tattersall which had been proving difficult to research. Located burial location of Alice Tattersall and hope to visit her family grave in Burnley Cemetery over Christmas. Also discovered that even more of the family are buried at Rowlands, Summerseat. Finally traced Nanny (Anne/Hannah) Tattersall who was also married to a Brierley like her younger sister. Found marriage, burial and children. Elizabeth Tattersall and her husband John Cartman are again buried at Rowlands and on my next visit I hope to locate their gravestones. Thanks to Anna and Mary in America for their Cartman family tree data.

Uploaded new pages with latest information tonight. A few weeks ago after a business trip to London I managed to visit Trudox Hill, Somerset (where the Cornish family originated) and Westbury, Wiltshire where my Great Grandfather George William Cornish was born and his family lived.


Latest information uploaded tonight. Still lots more to be added. Moved house on 1st September. Please email if you need my new address.


Uploaded website with latest information. Just in the middle of moving house so not had much spare time recently.


New upload with fresh information on Frank Sadler line of the family which I am actively researching.


Uploaded a new version of the website tonight with considerable new information on many lines of the family. In particular I have most recently been working on the Cornish, Giles, Sadler & (Abraham) Tattersall families. It is been some time since my last update because I have been too busy. Managed to find some time over the weekend to add most information. But there are hundreds of images still to be added.

So much new information added that I can't remember what to list here, so have a look!


Major update. Too much new information to list but special thanks to Kathryn Newton for her Newton family tree, Kath Kenna for her Sadler family tree, Claire Bodilly for information on the Mansell and associated families.

There have been a couple of updates since December. A trip to London last year enabled me to create an electronic version of "The Ancestry of the Tattersall Brothers of Blackburn". This book is of very considerable help tracing the Tattersall line back even further than I have managed so far. I am hoping to undertake more research.

With the help of a researcher in Canada I have tried to find more information about Elizabeth Rogers and her family. I have her marriage certificate to Thomas Giles and two possible baptism records. More research needed.

I was delighted to finally trace Geoff Cornish a few months ago who has very kindly provided details and photos of his family.

After a long wait a copy of the marriage certificate of Bernard James Brown was received from Dublin Records Office.


Updated site with lots of new information. Done quite a bit more work on the Giles, Cornish and Snelgrove families.


Major update uploaded tonight. Have moved ISP and restricted access to images so a username and password is now required. Have uploaded a few times since last update, but not added details to this page.

The update includes all data collected and sent to me over the summer which I have only just found time to sift through.

I have confirmed that Edward and Marta did not have any children. Thanks to Jamie Guest for getting in touch after my letter to the nursing home was passed on. He has promised to send some photos in due course and has provided invaluable information about William Tattersall and his family.

I have also managed to get in contact with another living line of the Tattersall family. Thanks to Joan for sending me photos of her father and grandfather. Unfortunately her line ends with her and her sister.

Have undertaken considerable research into Abraham Tattersall and his children who ended up in Kirkham, Fylde. Found where he lived, died and is buried. Unfortunately no headstone. He had several sons and this may be the only line (other than mine) to have continued. More work to do.

Thanks to a tip from Annie Stuart I was able to get access to the 1871 and 1891 Census online. Have added considerable new information on many lines of the family. Two visits to the Lancashire Records Office several weeks ago also proved successful. Wills and Probate details discovered although not yet applied for copies. Second visit was before my trip to Kirkham and enabled me to find several marriage and burial details from Parish Records.

Unfortunately Reg Brickland passed away a couple of weeks ago. I was only thinking about arranging a visit to discuss the family history with him, my Grandma and Ken Starkie. Afterwards I went to the Cheshire Records Office in Chester and found some Brickland baptisms and Census for the Brown's in Macclesfield. Ken Starkie kindly sent some of his research on the Ingleson line and my Grandma had some papers and photos which I have borrowed to scan.

For the last few days I have been sorting all my data and trying to get everything updated. This has also led me to investigate the Cornish and Giles lines further. Have done very well with the Cornish line. Some certificates received and more awaited. Finally was browsing the internet and stumbled across a book "Six against the Yard" in Canada. It turns out to be a second book from George Cornish and six of the best crime writers. My Grandma instantly recalled the existence of the book. Original hardback book received and two chapters read so far!


Updated with latest photos from John & Gillian Cornish. Also received three certificates today including the death certificate of my GGGG Grandfather, James I, who died in 1837. Also found that Edward William Tattersall's wife was Swiss which explains why I could not find their marriage. I hope to find more information from the nursing home where she died on 2nd March 2001. Lots of additional information added with new images.


Been quite active last couple of weeks. Added several family photos courtesy of Gillian Cornish. I have been concentrating of finding a living member of my Tattersall line. Finding the grave of George Burton Tattersall in Manchester spurred me to do more research on one of his sons, Thomas Burton Tattersall. Using 1837online I found his birth, marriage and death details. His death certificate arrived yesterday and gives the name and address of a daughter who I have written to in the hope that she may get in touch with me. At the same time I stumbled across the death index of Edward William Tattersall. For nearly a year, I have been trying to find more about him. I am waiting to receive his wife's death certificate which may provide details of a son or daughter. Updated entire site with all the latest information and images, including the death certificates and a photo of the grave mentioned above. Also found death details today for Rose and Thomas Baker. Hope to find their graves next week.


Updated site today. Many thanks to John and Gillian Cornish for information on the family which I have added today. Hopefully more to follow. Also thanks to Jack Clark for sending me several original documents which used to belong to my Gran. They are also now available with several other images.


Major update. Database now consists of 1875 individuals in 567 families. Added new images and many new photos. See following families: Sadler, Holmes, Brown, Brickland, Tattersall, Potts, Giles, Vollans, Wilbraham, Chapman. Added several photos and new information from Della Torra (Albert Sadler Family), Annie Stuart (Chapman Family) and merged data of Paul Wilbraham. Also included information from Robert Brudenell (Edith Giles).

A few weeks ago on a business trip to Manchester I managed to photograph several homes of Tattersall and Sadler families. On a previous trip to Salford Local History Unit I found more information on Ephraim Sadler and on my way home I visited the graveyard next to the River Irwell. The church was demolished years ago and the graveyard is very, very overgrown. Fortunately the MI's have already been done, so it was just a case of finding the headstone as there's no map. As I was just about to give up I found the grave at the very back of the graveyard which overlooks a field and across from the field you can see the M60 motorway bridge and the Trafford Centre.

After eventually locating the death certificate of John James Sadler I made enquiries in Leeds and discovered he is buried in a public grave. I have now located all the graves of my Sadler grandparents going back to my GGGG Grandparents. Della Torra of London contacted me a few weeks ago and has also been researching the Sadler line and is connected through Ephraim Sadlers half-brother, Rev. John Sadler. She kindly provided several photographs of her line of the family and her family tree.

On another business trip to Macclesfield I took photos of several homes all within a road of each other where the Brown family worked and lived and a Brickland. Margaret in America kindly emailed scans of three baptisms she found of William Charles Joseph Brickland, his daughter Margaret and son, William.

It has been a long time since I uploaded new pages as there has been so much information and images to add to my database and I have been too busy to get though all the emails I receive from so many helpful people. Nearly all data is now available on the website. I have a few certificates to scan and other material to add on the Hall family. Thanks also to Annie Stuart in Australia for sending her photos of a Chapman reunion.

Another exciting discovery was the existence of a book published by The Tattersall Brothers of Blackburn. Many thanks to Jane Marriott for finding this book and sending me photocopies of the first chapter. I have found a direct link to my Tattersall line at the very top and with this new information I may be able to trace my line back to the 1200's. I have not added anything yet as I wish to verify the information and am trying to locate a copy of the book.


Updated site today. New information on following families: Brickland, Tattersall, Giles, Chapman, Holmes, Sadler, Potts.


Major update. Tree now has 1541 individuals in 469 families with over 700 images now available. New information on following families: Sadler, Wilbraham, Brickland, Powell, Brierley, Tattersall, Newton (inc photos in Finghall), Ingleson, Giles, Cornish.


Updated website with lots of new information on the following lines of the family: Brickland, Newton, Ingleson, Cornish, Tattersall, Giles, Potts, Sadler. Went to Finghall in North Yorkshire two weeks ago on Sunday. It took over two and a half hours to get there, but I found two graves in the local church and most importantly the old Post Office now known as Newton Cottage. Many thanks to Cilla and John for their extremely kind help in identifying the person in a very old photo which belonged to Mona Ingleson. It has four of the Newton sisters and was taken at the rear of the Post Office. I have added considerable information from 1901 Census and will make the images (and photos from Finghall) available shortly.


Updated website with new images (William Chapman Will; 1901 Census for Tattersall, Snelgrove & Cornish; and Brickland; and other images). Added information from Peter Moore on his Brickland line of the family. I have also added a video clip of the grave of George Tattersall at Rowlands Wesleyan Chapel, Summerseat which I took last weekend.


Updated website today.


Went to Chester on Saturday and found the two Brickland graves I was hunting. The second grave was much harder to find as it was completely covered with overgrowth. The gravestone lies flat and is very long. Then made a successful visit to Chester Records Office to obtain the burial records. Also found some marriage certificates which finally prove the link with the New Zealand line of the Brickland family. Then went to Huxley Methodist Chapel and obtained more information about the Sadler family. Many thanks to Marjorie for letting me borrow her copy of "A History of Hargrave and Huxley". The book which was published in 1988 by the local history society is out of print, but contains considerable information about John Sadler and his family. See his notes page for more details.

Updated the site tonight which is now 20meg of data for 1452 individuals in 438 families. New photos and documents have been added today for Brickland family. New information available on Brickland, Sadler, Cornish and Snelgrove families.


Major update to website with many new photos and documents. I have been doing considerable work on Cornish, Brickland, Sadler, Holmes & Vickers lines. Purchased 1851 Wiltshire Census CD which has been very useful locating another generation of the Cornish and Snelgrove families.

Last Sunday I went to Huxley, Near Chester and found the grave of John Sadler and family. I went to the surrounding villages where they lived and took photos of the churches and grave. I then went into Chester and Overleigh Cemeteries and found the grave of Margaret Brickland. On my way home I called into Upton Parish Church to take some photos of the church and stumbled across the grave of Elizabeth and Arthur Powell.

I have spend a lot of time sorting out the Brickland data from Kathy Jones in New Zealand. She has kindly agreed to email over time her file of documents. I have uploaded all her recent images and put events listed under notes into the main pages.

Received the burial and baptisms microfiche records for Westbury, Wiltshire today and hope to hire a reader over the next few days.


Updated site with new information and photos and images for Sadler, Holmes, Cornish, James Tattersall (1833), William Tattersall (1849 - see his notes).


Updated site. New images for Ingleson, Newton and Oyston Census, William Tattersall new obituary and letters from Winston Churchill. Added new page with photos of Rowlands Chapel in Summerseat where George Tattersall and several Tattersall's were baptised, married and buried. New information on George Tattersall's children and their families. This has been a big update so check out my site.


Updated site and reached 1301 individuals.

Visited Blackpool yesterday and found the Grave of Josias Ingleson and his wife Ellen Newton. Took pictures of the grave and where they lived. Obtained further details from the local paper at Blackpool Library.

Spent last night researching the Newton and Ingleson lines based on an obituary for Ellen. Found a brilliant site which had the 1841, 1871 and 1901 Finghall Census and as a result have traced the Newton line to 1766. Thanks to Christine in Canada for also looking at the 1891 Census for me. I hope to visit Finghall Post Office soon.


Updated site with lots of new information.

178 documents and photos are now available as links directly from individuals web pages rather than mixed up with photos. My full file of documents has been included. This has taken ages to do.


Spoke to the daughter of Kathleen Rita Tattersall yesterday, who is the first living relative I have found on the Tattersall line.

Started to add new links to photos and images directly from individuals web pages.


Last Saturday I visited Altrincham Library and found newspaper reports including the inquest and funeral of William Tattersall. The full article can been seen under notes on his page. I also found his grave at Hale Cemetery and that he had a son. Took pictures of the grave and several homes.

Received certificates yesterday for: Margaret Tattersall, Sarah Tattersall, Robert Fletcher, Reginald James Brown, Kathleen Rita Tattersall. The death certificate for Kathleen Tattersall revealed a daughter and I believe she still lives in London.


Updated site today with lots of new information, which is too much to list but relates to: William Tattersall, Sidney Osborn Tattersall (lots on him), James Edward Tattersall, George Tattersall, Ann Shaw, Margaret Tattersall, Jane Tattersall, Sarah Tattersall, Florence Tattersall, James Tattersall, Abraham Tattersall Kathleen Rita Tattersall, Charles Herbert Tattersall, Robert Fletcher, Arthur Fletcher, Reginald James Brown, Laura Chapman.

Last week I finally found the baptism in 1833 of James Tattersall which I have been trying to find for nearly a year.

The most exciting news is that I went to Brooksbottoms yesterday and after much searching found the grave of George and Ann Tattersall. Two of their daughters are buried with them. The grave stone is in good condition and easy to access at the rear of the school.


Received an email on Saturday from Rachel Holding who is my third cousin on the Brickland line. She has very kindly provided me with new information about her family.

Also added some new details from Kathy Jones. Updated site which now has 1249 individuals in 379 families.


Updated site after merging the Brickland database from Kathy Jones in New Zealand with my main database which now has 1246 individuals in 377 families.


Did some research at Southport Library and found William Tattersall (b. 1849) in Who Was Who which had his date of death. Applied for several certificates today.

Found birth details of Harrie Mansell Chapman and her year of death. Also marriage details of James Edward Tattersall.

Received an email from Louise Hall of Toronto, Canada who is linked with the family through Harriett Chapman. Louise has provided new information and hopefully will be able to fill some missing dates. She hopes to send some photos next week.

Started working through the Brickland database from Kathy Jones. Site updated today with 1020 individuals.


Received wills and Grant of Probate for: James Edward Tattersall, Lizzie Armer Tattersall, Frederick William Tattersall and Alice Ann Tattersall. They reveal new addresses and information. I am pretty sure that Arthur Tattersall had only one cousin, Katherine Rita Tattersall.


Updated site today, which now contains 1015 individuals and 307 families!

Added new information from Annie Stuart and tidied up some notes. Also included latest research on Sarah Brierley (Tattersall), her twin sister Jane and the Sadler family.

Hopefully discovered Gertrude Annie Tattersall's maiden name was Berrie. If so, found her and family on 1881 and 1901 Census. Looks very encouraging.

Applied for several wills week before last and hopefully when they arrive I will find more information to help trace living Tattersall's.

04/04/03 Updated site with details of a new addition to the Handley family and some members of the Fletchers which I have started researching.
19/03/03 Updated photo pages with new pictures. Due to the number of images I have automated the resizing of new pictures and you may not be able to see some of the documents clearly. Please email me if you would like to see the original.

More pictures will be added soon.
13/03/03 Went to Intake Farm (home of George and Ann Tattersall in 1828) which is now owned by Karen Eastham and her husband. The original farmhouse has been extended considerably and was originally a farm of 300 acres. Took photos and of aerial photos which Karen kindly let me photograph.

Also visited Burnley Library and found James and Eleanor on the 1861 Census.

Received Death Certificates for: Ann Shaw, Eleanor Armer, James Edward Tattersall and his wife Gertrude Annie and the Marriage Certificate of William Tattersall and Hannah Rigg.
08/03/03 Went to the Lancashire Records Office this week and found James and Eleanor Tattersall and family on the 1871 and 1891 Census. This provided the middle name of Sidney and two new addresses. Could not locate them on 1961 Census when they lived in Burnley.

Found Baptisms of Margaret and Ann Tattersall which revealed an address for George and Ann when they lived in Roughlee.

Looked for the first time at Probate records. Found details for Frederick William, Lizzie Armer, James Edward and Alice Ann Tattersall. I intend to request copies of their wills.

Also this week looked on fiche for the death details for several Tattersall's and requested certificates. They are: Ann Shaw, James Edward Tattersall, Eleanor Armer, Gertrude Annie Tattersall (maiden name unknown). Also applied for the marriage certificate of William Tattersall to check Sarah Hannah Rigg was his first wife. I hope the death certificates will give me more information about their children.

Checked the 1901 Census again and found Sidney Tattersall living in Bristol. Hope to find more information about him from the Methodist Church.
03/03/03 Sorry if you have been having problems accessing the site. The ISP was unreliable so I have moved the site to a new provider which should be more reliable. Updated site today.
09/02/03 Updated site today with details of John Tattersall born about 1665 (est) who was the father of Richard born about 1700. Need to do some more work to make sure the children are complete and correct and to identify the wife of John. I think it is either Anne or Maria. John lived at Kirk and/or Robwel.

I think I have gone back as far as I can now but have managed to trace the Tattersall line back 11 generations to about 1665. Plan to spend some time sorting out the hundreds of pictures which need to be sorted before uploading.
03/02/03 Finally found Hob Wood which was the home of the Tattersall family from the 1700's. James and Betty lived there when they died and it is the place where George was born. The building has been completely renovated and looks magnificent. The gentleman who lives in Hob Wood House, Sabden was kind enough to lend me photos of the original building. Photos will be uploaded soon.

Also went to Nelson Library and found the grave details of Marmaduke and his wife and children.
30/01/03 Went to Brooksbottoms today and found the burial records of George and Ann. The graveyard is too overgrown to find the headstone, but I hope to see it soon.
27/01/03 Updated site with new Photo pages. Album pages (which are with name index pages) removed to allow more space. Most are now on the photo pages. More will be added shortly.

Found that Edith Tattersall was cremated at Aintree, Liverpool. Tried to locate Grave of George Tattersall today but he is not in the local cemetery.

Been in contact with Kathy Jones in New Zealand regarding the Brickland line. She has kindly sent her information which will be added to my site as soon as possible. Need to do some work to verify the link with her husbands family.
21/01/03 Spoke to Southport Crematorium today who checked their records of cremations and burials for Edith Tattersall and Frederick William Tattersall.

Unfortunately they have no trace of Edith but found the cremation of Frederick. Plan to check Southport Visiter funeral notices for Edith.
20/01/03 Found the Sadler family grave today at Hale Cemetery from an old document I obtained from Mavis. Jane (Holmes) and three of her children are buried there. On my way to Chorlton went through Bowden and past Hale Methodist Church which relate to William Tattersall (born 1849).

The major success of the day was when I found the Tattersall gave at Chorlton-Cum-Hardy. It was a guess that James Tattersall (born 1833) was buried there. I have his death certificate and hoped he was buried. After checking CofE records at the Cemetery Office I looked at Nonconformist and there he was. I found the grave and was disappointed to see the headstone was broken into three pieces. However, I was delighted to discover that Eleanor Armer his wife and the three daughters were also buried in the same grave.

By pure chance when I checked the individual burial records I noticed a James Edward Tattersall was buried on the same day as Alice Tattersall but in a different grave. It turned out to be her brother who was buried with his wife who had died some years before. The records show Alice and James were living at the same address when they died. I think the house may have been hit during the war. Two German soldiers were also buried around the same time which may support this theory.

Photos of the graves which will be uploaded shortly. I plan to replace my photo album with a new set of pages hosted at which I am working on at the moment.

Hope to find Edith Tattersall (nee Sadler) and hopefully Frederick William Tattersall tomorrow at Southport Cemetery or cremation records.
17/01/03 33 new individuals added after a day yesterday at Burnley Library and research on the internet over the last few days. Found a whole load of Tattersall family members including more children of Richard Tattersall and Elizabeth and also his father and his brothers and sisters. More to be uploaded over the next week. Got back now to about 1705 ish.

Went to Arthur Street in Burnley where James Tattersall and Eleanor Armer were living when they married. It is the site of a very old derelict mill. Hope to take some photos as it was too dark when I went past on my way home from Burnley yesterday.
15/01/03 Yesterday I spent six hours at the Lancashire Records Office in Preston. I have traced the Tattersall line back to the 1700's and hope to go back further on my next visit.

Found another child of George & Ann. Found their parents and lots more. Have a look as I have added many new individuals today. Need to check some for inaccuracies but am 100% sure the parents of George were James & Betty. I am confident the parents of James were Richard and Elizabeth. Need to check this out a bit more. If correct then I have gone back nine generations to the early part of 1700.

Received the death certificate of George Tattersall and marriage certificate of Charles Cornish and Evelyn Brickland yesterday.
13/01/03 Found four new children of George & Ann Tattersall and information from 1841 Census. A visit was made today to "Moor Coats" where the family lived in 1841. On Saturday I went to Brooksbottoms where the last two children were born. The mill (now luxury apartments) is outstanding. Pictures will be uploaded soon.

I have also been to Goldshaw Booth now called Newchurch-In-Pendle where George Tattersall was born and Roughlee, the next Parish where his wife Ann Shaw was born. These towns are high up on Pendle Hill in witch country. "Moor Coats" lies between Higham and Fence and is down Pendle Hill set in 21 acres.

The family appears to have drifted from Burnley to Bury (Brooksbottoms) and then into the Manchester area. I may have identified some siblings of George Tattersall (born 1806) who in 1841 lived at Hob Wood, Goldshaw Booth which was a 4 acre farm.