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This site was originally created in December 2001 and is maintained by James Tattersall.

Accessing information is easy. Click on Names Index and then the letter of the surname of the person. For instance if you want to find me click on the letter "T" then scroll down and click on my name "James Giles Tattersall".

The site uses maiden names. A photograph will be shown of the individual if one is available.

Cumberland Family Tree software records all the family tree information and creates the main pages of the site and Dreamweaver is used for the other web pages.

Special thanks to the following for all their help and information:

My wife Deirdre and our children (especially for their grave hunting skills); Annie Stuart; Kathy Jones; Paul Wilbraham; Peter Moore; Della Torra; Kath Kenna; John and Gillian Cornish; Claire Bodilly; Kathryn Newton; Ken Starkie; Robert Brudenell; Geoff Cornish; David Twemlow; Jamie Guest; Christine Fearnley; Mavis Tattersall; Jack Clark; Margaret Hayes; Louise Hall; Catherine Dickens; Joan Carthy; Joan Russell; Pauline Harris; Anna, Terri and Mary (Cartman family); Angela at Glenartney Hotel, Brodick; Vernon Tattersall and many more.

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